What Happens to the Heart

I believe the key to the good life is to live well and indulge in the guilty pleasures that bring us joy. We live in a culture that comes from a puritanical background that we must deny ourselves enjoyment of the intrinsic beauty of art, good food, wine, sexual pleasure, or whatever society deems to be an unhealthy vice in the current moment.

It becomes a burden if we constantly attempt to navigate societies rules and deny ourselves the pleasures that bring us joy. However, there does have to be a healthy balance in our indulgences and sometimes in matters of the heart we are driven by our ego to fulfil our wants without weighing the consequences of our impulsive actions.

Letters to Octavia explores what happens to the heart when love goes array, the rules get blurry, and we are no longer living a good life based on the higher values of love. It captures the raw and the ugly vices that make us face our darkest shadows.

In those dark moments  it forces us to reconcile with our inner demons making the choice to remain bitter or to return to the core of our heart-center that will allow for us to reach for the light that will bring us back to our highest good through the beauty of forgiveness.

After-all, the greatest revenge in matters of the heart is a  life well-lived.

Letters to Octavia” now available on amazon is the creative exploration of the lust driven passions that lead to betrayal, jealousy, and revenge. The greatest tragedy is that of unrequited love and the addictive emotions that drive people to a crossroad where they must choose the pathway to madness or the loving heart song of forgiveness.

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