Are you feeling Stuck?

Do you ever feel stuck in your creative process? And feel like you have more to within you to create?
Does it sometimes feel that you are procrastinating in going to the next level?
Are you becoming bored with your daily creative routine? And want to find ways to connect with your inner muse?
Is your inner critic pulling at you in a million directions and preventing you from creating your vision on the page?
And does the judgment of others prevent you from even starting the creative project of your dreams?

It’s time for you to drop your creative struggle with excuses, get past your fears, and create something BEAUTIFUL!

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Now is the Time to Surrender to the Possibilities

Yoga for Creatives will empower you to break-free from the stagnation that hinders the body and creating the freedom to inspire creativity.
Focus and Tap into the Full Essence of Creating from your Authentic Voice!

In this 7-module course you will be engaged in simple breathwork, gentle yoga, meditation, and introspective journaling that will prompt you to explore past your procrastination and creative blocks.

Some of the biggest questions I have been getting about this program

Absolutely.  This practice is about being kind and gentle to ourselves. In this program you will be given a peak into the variety of gentle flow and restorative practices.

If you are a procrastinator like me or finding excuses not to create this program is perfect for you. It will help you master your monkey mind and align you with the necessary focus to complete your next creative project.

I am sorry to hear that! Yoga is about acceptance and a welcoming community. It is your time to spend on the mat and dive deep into your own practice.

If anyone knows me I am far from pretentious and love to add a little playfulness to life.

If you don’t know me, Well Nice to Meet You!

Here is a little about me:

I am passionate, fiercely loyal, family is life, and I fall in love every day with something that sparks the imagination whether it be a blossoming flower or the sound of laughter. I also believe the people that shine the brightest will forever be the diamonds in the rough – the ones who endure, live life by their own rules, embrace their individuality, and are forever free regardless of the consequences. Somewhere in the myriad in all of the voices in this ever-changing world, there is just me awestruck by the cosmos.

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My bliss is the freedom to create, write with no boundaries, love, and enjoy the full splendor of being a woman. In those pinnacle moments is when I come alive and feeling the energy of the universe overfilling my cup. Oh! And of course, I am a self-published author! I have also been teaching yoga to all ages for several years in the quirkiest of places in this world. It is one of my greatest passions in life!

I want to share with you the techniques to get you to the next level in your creative process and connect with that spark that burns deep within you.

I cannot wait for you to join me on this exciting journey!

The time is now to flow with your inner Muse!