The Underdogs Path to Creativity

I have days I roll out of bed, walk quietly past my yoga mat, and go straight to the coffee maker. I then sit in front of my computer read the news, catch up on social media, and send some random memes off to friends. In that first hour of the morning, I confess I completely wasted every minute of it because I procrastinated out of the fear of doing what is required of me to finish my next creative project.

I would be lying if I did not tell you how terrifying to release your writing into this world and then wait to see how other people receive it. This is why, my daily yoga practice is so important to me especially as a scrappy underdog who love to break the rules by writing erotica, breaking boundaries in poetry, and guilty of sometimes putting my foot in mouth.

Yoga helps me to find balance in the challenging moments when I am overcome with fear and anxiety in sharing my own work. Sometimes that fear transforms into procrastination when I should be doing but instead wasting valuable time on the most insignificant of things. Yoga and meditation enable me to work past my insecurities and strive to move forward in my daily creative life.

It is tapping into my passion for movement and creativity that enables me to live a more colorful life that sometimes gets me into a little trouble. But with trouble sometimes comes a lot of fun!

But that is a story for another time…

A simple routine each day is what helps me to be available for my passions, but the trick is not to be distracted by all the shiny things on social media or the opinions of other people. Sometimes we just must get past our comfort zone, do the thing that light you up, and not give a damn about what other people think of you.

I know that when I rise in the morning and hit my feet to the mat that I am going to have a much sweeter day.  I have made that first hour about moving my body, meditating, practicing gratitude, and opening the doors to my creative pathway. It allows for me to shut out the noise to work on the passion projects that truly matter to me.

I believe tapping into your yoga practice at the start of your day helps to ground your connection to your true creative spirit. That power has always been there laying dormant waiting for you to find your inner strength to be your best creative self.

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