The Magic of Your Own Intrinsic Worth

Worth is a powerful word and has become the Instagram cliché “Know your worth”, “A Women’s Worth”, “I am worthy” – it has become an affirmation or an inspiration for some to embrace their worth. But what does that truly mean? How do we begin to explore the meaning of worth, know that we are worthy for better?

It is wrong to want more for ourselves, our families, and our friends. Why do we accept the conditions that allow us to fall back into a pattern of unworthiness? The entrapment of being conditioned as a child that you are not worthy and that you must struggle to enjoy the finer things.

The struggle is not necessary if we make the right decisions that are to the benefit of us. Sometimes they will seem selfish, but they are acts of love for oneself. It is in that love that we can transpire to move forward to find joy in oneself and embrace the selfless act of love for others.

If there is no self love, if we stay in relationships that have no meaning, together just for monetary reasons, we begin to shoot ourselves in our own foot. We hold ourselves and our partners back in a loveless relationship because of the entrapment of materialism.

The release of this entrapment is the greatest gift you can give to your loved one because it is one in which we can release the patterns of resentment, anger, criticism, and the damage of being in a loveless relationship.

We truly begin to give the greatest act of love when releasing our fears and letting go of the relationships that no longer justify our attention. The ones that hold us back and forces us to face the negative patterns that we continuously repeating in our daily lives.

Imagine if we were able to switch those patterns and learn those lessons that first time. The immensity and pleasure that would be gifted to us. In the knowledge of knowing where we belong and living the good life. It is in that good life that we can begin to embrace new patterns and routines in our lives that motivate us to be better.

If we can strive to be better, more compassionate, understanding, caring, and wiser in knowing that love is not just an intrinsic idea in fairy tales but exists to create a better world for us. If we can embrace that knowledge and seek to attain it with positive actions. It creates a world bigger and better than we could ever imagine or dream of in this lifetime.

Imagine a lifetime that is filled with joy in finding your true passion, abundant in the beauty of this world, and held by that one great love. How wonderful would that be? Greater than any enchanted fairy tale.

The magic and beauty of this life lies before us with grandeur and waits for us calling us forth to release our fears moving into this world with everything that is before us. If we begin to focus on our individual means than we would be able to create the changes needed in ordered to be released from our own shackles.

The shackles that tie us down from moving into the present to the future. We need to tap into our own magic to trust our instincts and begin to embrace our own inherent worthiness to be comfortable with who we are and the decisions we make for the betterment of ourselves.

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