The Magic of Gold Dust

It is in times that we go inward that our world opens up to a magical realm that enables us to seek creative pursuits that captures the beauty of the imagination. If we were to close our eyes, focus on our breath, and let go of our conscious state of being that is when the magic happens that we connect to the true source of our souls.

Gold Dust is those magical moments when the muse speaks through us and as we explore the realms of our existence through the subconscious mind. She leads us on our journey of love, beauty, wisdom, and the voices of the goddesses before us.

The creation of Gold Dust, for me, comes from a place of love searching for the light in this world instead of choosing to accept the darkness that can over take our minds. In the end when we reach for the cosmos our soul becomes part of a collective voice that floats onward as delicate as gold dust.

I hope you enjoy this small work of poetry as much as I loved writing it!

Gold Dust is the transcendental meditative journey of magic that weaves it spells from darkness to light guiding our souls into the beauty of the cosmos and is now available on Amazon.

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