Love Notes

I always believed there was something glorious about receiving a handwritten letter on crisp stationary telling a story of adventure, love, woe, or sometimes just a hello!

In the golden age of technology handwritten letters have become a lost art where we no longer send our beautiful musings through the mail.

If we were to look back on the nostalgic time before text messages and email it would bring many of us to remember the excitement of checking your mailbox everyday for that one special letter.

Now as we have social media at our fingertips there is no longer the wait to stay in touch with our loved ones and rare is the anticipation of receiving something touching in the mail.

But wouldn’t it be grand to still receive a love letter in the mail?

Let’s go back to the beauty of wonderment and awe with a special love note to you or your loved one that delights the heart and warms the soul.

An original love poem written just for you or for your sweet love that you both can cherish forever. You will have the original first hand written letter and a second will be used for publication in my poetry collection “Love Notes in the Mail.”

Now is the time to delight in the splendour of art and creativity!

As the world turns us around us with bad news at our door steps wouldn’t it be better to have receive the gift of creativity and love in the mail?

I crave to go back to that simpler time and look forward to sending a beautiful poem of love and adoration to you.

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Love Notes

Price : $100

Are there any special requests for this poem? Would you like it directed to a special person? Or is there a specific theme that you would like a little more wonderment and awe brought to you or a loved one?
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