On the Love of Writing

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” — Ernest Hemingway

It is when we write from the experience of the heart, we become entwined with our truest expressions of love, beauty, passions, desires, darkness, jealousy, and forgiveness. Only through this does the writer connect with the reader in some form on the page. The struggle is capturing those emotions and how they intercept onto the page to create a story, a poem, or an essay.

The age of technology has sometimes made things more mechanical in how we write, feel, and we lose our voice in the chorus of the masses. Only by tapping into our truest form of expression can we reconnect our truth to our wildest imagination, visions of another world, and lust for life.

We can create the beauty of our world through the ink of the pen tracing its way against the paper and swirling into those creative visions that call to us when we are in the throws of inspiration. If we fail to act on this then we are ignoring the call of our nature and repressing our greatest gift of creativity.

Love Notes enables me to tap into my own creativity playing with my pen to paper and bring the beauty of magical dreams to the page.

This is a special project that I would love to share with you by sending little notes of love out into the world. I love the idea of postage stamp, a crinkled envelope travelling across provinces, countries, through a myriad of time a special love poem made just for you.

That one true sentence that explores the wonders of the heart and captures a moment in time. An original poem that tells the tale of time and infinite amount of love that is free in this universe. Only in that time and space can it connect to the greatest wonders of awe and beauty.

In this we can try to capture the magic of truth and sprinkle it further into this world. I have been told I am a dreamer and one of my greatest dream is to send love poems far and wide across this ever-expanding world.

Let me write a special love note for you.

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