Hot New Summer Release

I am excited to release Enlighten Me the tenth sexy short story in The Misfit Yogini Series and I am sure it will heat up your summer in more ways than one.  It is full of cheeky sass with a little bit of ass when our favourite yoga instructor Allie becomes tired of being Kieffer’s side chick leaving him with a serious ultimatum.

It is the perfect sexy read to keep your summer sizzling!

You know what else sizzles? The one burning question I get from everyone about this series is there any truth to these humorous erotic tales.

I always playfully quip, “It is nothing but pure fiction.”

However, there is sometimes a little truth in everything but I will leave that part to your own wild imagination!

The one thing I do love about writing this series is the freedom to poke fun at the generic stereotypes in our yoga culture, especially the hypocrisy of it all, but I think we would find that in any area of life whether it be wellness, spirituality, religion, or politics.

It is the things that we do not like that reflect back to us in our own mirror but lucky for me I have a good sense of humor. I laugh at this crazy life and myself everyday recognizing my own hypocritical stances.

Some might even say I am crazy for putting myself out there and pushing the sexual boundaries in writing. But if we are not pushing boundaries out of our comfort zone than what is the purpose of a creative life?

So while I have fun on this crazy creative path – I hope you enjoy the sexy brain candy and let your imagination lead you into temptation.

If you are new to The Misfit Yogini Series check-out Sexy Nine – it is the first nine short stories about our favorite yoga instructor Allie who bends and twists in all the right ways. She will lead down a tangled web of ruinous lovers, rakes, plays with a few snakes and breaks the boundaries sexual taboos in the most sweetest ways.

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