Did you know AI is not a good nose picker?

Yes! It is true! AI is not a good nose picker!

You might ask, “How does she know this? When did Darcie become an expert in AI?”

Well, I cannot with any great deal of certainty prove that this statement is true or false, but I can tell you a story about a girl in grade 12 English class who had to write daily journal prompts.

One fine morning as she stared blankly at the chalkboard wondering what to write without revealing too much of her teenage angst to her teacher who would be marking this project.

 She gazed over her shoulder to see the lug in the class pick his nose with great zest digging deeper and deeper ready to pull out one glorious booger.

Yes. This is a true story!

And that horrified girl was ME!

 I then watched him wipe the booger off his finger by smearing it under his desk.

It is at that exact moment the Eureka light went off!

I wrote a very in-depth piece of that boy picking his nose and highlighted all the gory details.

My English teacher wrote in large letters after reading the journal prompt:


And he gave me a ten out of ten for that written piece because I was able to capture the emotional element of horror, disgust, and turn it into something humorous.

So as the world turns with the development of AI, and it begins to become larger than life. Remember AI does not have a soul and it does not feel the emotional elements that makes us human. The AI creators (who like to think they are gods) are developing a rational system that does not have room for any form of irrationality which makes all of us human.

You might be wondering where I am going with this…

We are a perfectly imperfect species with beautiful souls and AI cannot capture the soulfulness of a painting, the heart of a poet, or provide compassion to a friend having a difficult day.

Our creative makers and thinkers provide this for us in so many ways!

So, the next time you are at the farmer’s market, a craft sale, an art gallery, or a book shop. Take the time to support your local creative entrepreneurs. Trust me it feels much better to look up from the screen and admire the beauty of our humanity.

Thank you as always for joining me on this creative journey! And if nobody told you today you are simply the best.

Wishing you nothing but sweet love!

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