Creativity and Vulnerability

The moments we create with our own voice is not something that is easy or natural. It comes with a flutter in the stomach, a little dose of fear, and a huge amount of vulnerability. In those moments you have to take a deep breath, get over it, and take the next step in putting your creative projects out into the world.

I always remind myself if I don’t try, if I don’t show-up, then how will I feel in the next twenty or thirty years. Ultimately, I have no control over how people perceive me but I always make sure to ask myself the question am I living my life for me? Or for them?

It is when we show up for ourselves that we are at our most vulnerable in creating work that sometimes challenges boundaries or show another side of ourselves. So many people expect us to act or be a specific stereotype that I have no desire to imitate.

 I don’t believe in a cookie cutter world and love the uniqueness of the people that surround me!

We are all in some way a little quirky, messy, funny, obstinate, rebellious, eccentric and the list could go on…

But it is also those qualities that also make us have our own unique creative voices.  When you begin to use your voice, it brings to the surface a huge amount of vulnerability in willing to step away from the norm in order to be comfortable in the skin we are in because it is in those moments when people bring their most charming gifts into this world.

So, the next time you feel that fear, embrace it, show up for yourself, and be true to you.  Let the magic happen and flow into endless possibilities.

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