July 14, 2021

In the past year so many people asked me about my photos and want to know how do I feel when I pose  semi-naked or in lingerie. I always blush a little, pause, and smile that “I never really thought about it.” But the truth is I believe the body is one of the most…

June 24, 2021

I am excited to release Enlighten Me the tenth sexy short story in The Misfit Yogini Series and I am sure it will heat up your summer in more ways than one.  It is full of cheeky sass with a little bit of ass when our favourite yoga instructor Allie becomes tired of being Kieffer’s…

June 13, 2021

If were to delve deep and reflect on this past year I would confess this is where I learned the meaning of solitude and couldn’t run when things got tough. It grounded me forcing reflection, healing, and above all-embracing the good things that make this murky muddle of life. I learned that I was stronger…

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