Body Love

In the past year so many people asked me about my photos and want to know how do I feel when I pose  semi-naked or in lingerie. I always blush a little, pause, and smile that “I never really thought about it.”

But the truth is I believe the body is one of the most beautiful art forms that graces this world, yet, there is a deep seeded shame in hiding it.  We cover it, we pick at it, and we never give it the true love it deserves.

We live in a world of constant restraints, absurdities, and restrictions.  It is in my photos I celebrate the whims of emotion, movement, and the beauty of being me.

If you ask me “What it feels like?”

I will tell you it feels terrifying, exhilarating, and a little reckless to reveal so much. Yet, through all the emotion it feels good to finally make peace with a body that I never found perfect.

We can choose to look at ourselves in the mirror and pick our bodies to pieces or we can choose to love it into a million pieces. I will tell you it is always better to choose love because in the surrender of acceptance you find peace within yourself.

It is in that acceptance you no longer feel the shackles of societies weight in expecting conformity of who and how you should be as a woman. You find a freedom in the knowingness that you are exactly who you should be and live by your own rules.

I believe we should never feel shame for loving and celebrating every inch of our beauteous curves. It is our curves that makes us divine, they hold the key to our feminine powers, and in all of the softness lead to the naked truth of love in the heart of our souls.

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  • Joey S
    July 14, 2021 - 12:45 pm · Reply

    Great post Darcie and an excellent perspective on how we should see ourselves. So many people tend to be ashamed, stressed, embarrassed and experience anxiety over the physical appearance of their body. It’s definitely not easy to shake that mindset, but for those able to do it, it leads to a clear mind, happiness and such a great boost in self confidence and self esteem. You look fantastic & thanks for sharing your views!

    • Darcie
      July 28, 2021 - 1:11 pm · Reply

      Thank you, Joey! I believe there is freedom of letting go of the puritanical mindset that drives North American culture. It is in letting go that we are free to be ourselves and enjoy the good life,

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